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Baltix GNU/Linux – is a computer Operating System specially adapted for Lithuania and other Baltic countries as well as a software collection, created from Ubuntu and Debian GNU/Linux systems. The System has been translated to Lithuanian, Russian and other languages. Baltix GNU/Linux goals are described in the following web pages:

Baltix CD and additional program packages as well as documentation are freely downloadable from

Use of Baltix Linux

This system CD or USB flash can be used as LiveCD/LiveUSB. When used in this way, Baltix does not change any information on the hard disk of the computer and can be used for a variety of purposes:

Installation to the Hard Disk

It is also possible to install Baltix to the hard disk before completing the booting. The installation process is particularly friendly and simple and is implemented in a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Installation instructions are on the Baltix CD in doc folder. It is also available on the internet from - It is also possible to multiboot to a computer with other operating systems, without interfering with the existing installations and programs. In this way user is enabled to work with several operating systems on one and the same computer (You are strongly advised to back up all the significant documents and other information before attempting to implement multibooting)

Automatic installation to the Hard Disk

For retailers of new computers Baltix GNU/Linux offers automatic installation. This enables Baltix installation to Hard Disk drives of several PC's without human intervention. This can be considerable considerable time saver when preparing new computers for the market. During this installation the installer program also checks the PC hardware, viz hard disk, CD/DVD, CPU, RAM of the PC's and that also contributes to improvement of quality and speeds up the preparation of the personal computers for the market.

Quick Start of Baltix system

Hardware Requirements

Supplied Software

Baltix CD and other software packages and documentation are downloadable freely from

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Help and Support

The help and advice for free (Open Source) programs (viz. Baltix and other GNU/Linux distribtions, GIMP,, Mozilla, Firefox etc) is available through a dedicated forum htutp:// Register in the user forum (you will receive a confirmation email). Once registered, send questions by email to Help and advice can also be obtained from the web forums, viz.

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Participation in this Project

Anybody can contribute to the Baltix GNU/Linux and other program creation and improvement. Computer expertise of Linux expertise is not requred. You can help by:

Simply register yourself and write your wish to collobarate with the developers in Baltix GNU/Linux OS web site's Wiki.

All programs in Baltix are free and protected by GNU public license. The direction the the source of programs for this project are shown in web page. Debian and Ubuntu source can be found in the various Debian and Ubuntu internet mirrors.

Publication of Suggestions for Baltix GNU/Linux System

The suggestions, desired improvements and any bugs are best published by registering and connecting to the Baltix developers' web page

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Project's Web Pages

on the internete available list of software packages and change logs, with information for the latest ammendments and improvements are freely accessible. More information is obtainable on the Baltix web page

The latest Baltix GNU/Linux version is allways downloadable from and other Baltix download pages


The Baltix project initiator and main developer is Mantas Kriaučiūnas. Other project participants are listed in

With graphic design much needed assistance was given by Giedrius Naudžiūnas, Eglė Girinaitė and Jurgis Pralgauskis. The Baltix logo was created by Kristina Lukenskienė and Birutė Mockutė. The photographs for the background of Baltix 1.2-1.4 were taken by Fumiaki Yoshimatsu. Baltix 3.0 desktop background was created by Rimas Okulič Kazarinas and Donatas Bengardavičius.

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Prizes and Nominations

Baltix GNU/Linux 1.0 version in 2005 was awarded a prize and recognised as the "year's initiative" in the competition "for the best Lithuanian ITTE (Information Technology and Telecomunications) product", organised by "Infobalt" association.


Baltix GNU/Linux CD iso images and further software can be downloaded from:

Useful information can be found here:

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Golden Supporters

UAB "Lema"
„Sisteminio Administravimo Technologijos ir Įranga“
(complies with ISO 9001 ir ISO/IEC 27001).
UAB "Bona Mens"

Main Supporters

UAB "Viae Ventus"
UAB "Skaitmeninio Sertifikavimo Centras"


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